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Jane Revell


Energising Your Classroom is an exciting and inspirational resource book with short physical and mental activities which teachers can use to bring energy to their classrooms, their students and themselves.

Energising Your Classroom
is about creating a stimulating environment, in which regular teaching is enhanced by a variety of additional activities. Sometimes these raise energy levels through physical movement; sometimes they allow the students a moment to relax and switch off; sometimes they challenge them to refocus their thoughts.
All have the aim of giving the students the opportunity to recharge their batteries, refresh their thinking and return to their language learning with renewed vitality, enthusiasm and the capacity for increased concentration.

The activities in Energising Your Classroom are divided into three main sections: Energisers, Brain boosters and Breathers. In addition, there are activities to assist teachers in identifying and clarifying their students’ reasons for learning, and tips to help them cope with the stresses of the teaching environment and maintain their own levels of energy and enthusiasm.


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1.19 When the music stops …

2.12 Guided phone breaks

3.4 Some soothing stressbusters


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