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Günter Gerngross , Herbert Puchta and Scott Thornbury

Teaching Grammar Creatively is a practical new resource book that offers a variety of lessons and activities for everyday use in your English language class.

It aims to stimulate the imagination, humour and creativity of your students and increase the effectiveness of grammar practice.

Teaching Grammar Creatively offers more than 50 complete lessons covering a wide range of grammar structures, learner levels, and age groups. Each lesson is divided into two main sections: Language Awareness Activities and Creative Grammar Practice.

The Language Awareness Activities are designed to introduce and provide initial practice of items that may still be unfamiliar to your students.

The Creative Grammar Practice section provides ideas for a deeper and more personalised familiarisation with these items, always with an element of individual creativity. Each lesson ends with the creation of a learner text - a permanent and original record of the grammar, in the form of a story, or a poem, for example.



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Using there is and there are for description (Elementary + level)

Adjectives / Adverbs (Lower intermediate level)


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