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Multiple Intelligences in EFL Print

Exercises for secondary and adult students
Herbert Puchta , Mario Rinvolucri

Image Multiple Intelligences in EFL gives a brief overview of the latest research into multiple intelligences relevant for EFL.

Multiple Intelligences in EFL shows how you can enrich your own teaching by systematically activating other intelligences in your language lessons.

Multiple Intelligences in EFL demonstrates what you can do so that more students feel “addressed” in your class.

Multiple Intelligences in EFL will help you to appreciate otherwise hidden strengths in your students.

Multiple Intelligences in EFL provides fun lessons for your students - through 99 clear and easy-to-follow teaching recipes.


"Drawing on their own experiences and on tips from many educators, the authors have assembled a wide ranging set of exercises which should stimulate and help students who are learning English.
Their collection represents one of the most original applications of Multiple Intelligence Theory that I have seen.
Howard Gardner
Author of Frames of Mind and Intelligence Reframed

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1   Introducing a person through Multiple Intelligences (page 27)
27 Intensive reading (page 67)
35 Talking as someone else (page 85)


Multiple intelligences in EFL

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