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Maria Cleary

World Around takes students on an exciting and enriching journey throughout the English-speaking world where they learn about new cultures while gaining a deeper insight into their own one.

World Around is based on multi-cultural communication and understanding and follows the guidelines for culture teaching as detailed in the Common European Framework and European Language Portofolio.

World Around is a flexible and exciting culture course suitable for use at different levels and different types of school.

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About World Around


World Around is suitable for all teaching and learning styles.

World Around is organised in 12 self-contained units each focussing on a specific country or area of the English-speaking world.
Each unit contains 3 distinct routes: Identity, Lifestyles and Issues
This allows you to explore the book as you choose for 80-90 hours of class work with extra material in the Teacher’s Book and on the website by:
- working through the 12 Units;
- choosing one of the 3 routes: Identity - Lifestyles - Issues
- following the links to other sections of the text or on the website.

World Around
website includes activities for using World Around at different levels and in different types of school.

Real Texts


World Around has a wide range of informative and imaginative real texts that have been specially chosen and devised to appeal to and motivate teenage readers while developing their language skills.

Extracts from literature and contemporary arts introduce students to literature from the English-speaking world and provide further reading and listening practice.



Teachers can introduce Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in subjects such as Maths, Geography, Music, Science and Technology using the twelve dedicated CLIL pages each with a free downloadable MP3 from the World Around website.

History Cartoons


World Around includes two innovative History Cartoons: the History of England and Black History.

Teacher's Resources


  • Teacher’s Book
    Photocopiable worksheets, skills pages, project pages, and complete lesson notes with indications for conversation class.
    Download the Teacher's Book Image

  • Teacher’s Audio CD
    World Around Teacher’s Audio CD contains lots of songs, all the literature extracts and the CLIL.

  • www.worldaround.cc
    A dedicated site with free downloadable resources and worksheets including ways to use World Around at different levels and in different types of school. There are also MP3 files, games, worksheets, stickers and other downloadables.


World Around Student’s Book + Student’s Audio CD978-88-95225-06-7
World Around Teacher’s Book + Teacher’s Audio CD978-88-95225-07-4

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