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Rachel Finnie, Carol Frain, David A. Hill, Karen Thomas


Top Grammar covers all the main grammatical areas of the language.

Top Grammar has a special lexical focus for each of its sections.

Top Grammar is made up of a Student’s Book and CD-ROM, and has a Teacher’s Guide including tests.

Top Grammar can be used

  • for individual study, for exam preparation, or whenever the teacher thinks the class needs specific training on grammar included in the syllabus.
  • by learners in a flexible way, to reinforce specific grammar points.
  • autonomously like other reference materials – dictionaries or the Internet. ‘Go and check in your grammar book’ should be a constant reminder of the teacher to the students.

The Teacher's Guide

The Teacher's Guide contains:

  • tips about how Top Grammar could be used in the classroom or for individual study;
  • a set of 25 tests, one for each of the chapters;
  • keys to all the exercises and tests.


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Top Grammar Student's Book + CD-ROM

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