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Thinking in the EFL Class Print

Tessa Woodward


Thinking in the EFL Class progresses to the fundamentals of building a positive class atmosphere for communicating well and in English.

Thinking in the EFL Class offers over 30 well-thought out, realistic tips for teachers and over 85 practical, easy-to-use activities for language classes.
These tips and activities encourage flexibility, fun, creativity and rigour in teacher and student thinking.
They involve minimal preparation and a wide range of interesting topics.
Most of the activities are multi-level and adaptable from elementary to advanced students.
Many integrate the skills of listening, speaking, reading and/or writing.

Thinking in the EFL Class is extremely valuable in helping teachers stay interested in their work and in helping students cope with the demands of learning a language and living in a restless, changeable world.

Thinking in the EFL Class also provides teachers with ready-to-use handouts, freely downloadable at www.helblinglanguages.com/thinking/downloads in both PDF and DOC format.


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2.16 Guided picture composition

4.6 List poems

4.13 Flip it and see

5.13 Potato talks


Thinking in the EFL Class 978-3-85272-333-4

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