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1.10Concept map ... a true advance organizerPDFDOC
2.16Guided picture composition PDFDOC
4.4How times have changed!PDFDOC
4.5Are we the same or different?PDFDOC
4.6List poemsPDFDOC
4.12Change the textPDFDOC
5.5Picture pack plethoraPDFDOC
5.6Changing vocabulary many waysPDFDOC
5.19Half a conversationPDFDOC
5.20Your festival or mine?PDFDOC
6.1Where does it come from?PDFDOC
6.3Fact or opinion? (step 3)PDFDOC
6.3Fact or opinion? (variation B)PDFDOC
6.5Which text is right? (step 2)PDFDOC
6.5Which text is right? (step 4)PDFDOC
6.7General knowledge buildingPDFDOC
6.8What's the right thing to do?PDFDOC
6.11Learning from storiesPDFDOC
6.12Thinking clearly about problemsPDFDOC
7Teaching tipsPDFDOC