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Susan Hillyard

 English through Drama presents a clear introduction to using drama activities with all ages, stressing its importance for the education of the whole learner. It supports teachers with challenging students in their classes to teach English in more stimulating and effective ways.

English through Drama shows teachers how to encourage their students, whatever their difficulties, to develop, not only language skills, but also social, physical, cognitive, creative and emotional skills. It provides drama activities that motivate students to learn by channelling their natural creativity and helping them to find their personal voice and to express themselves.

English through Drama includes a brief review of all relevant research and theory to provide a solid base for the practical and inspiring activities which follow. A chapter on classroom management in active challenging classrooms offers advice on how to foster an inclusive and productive learning environment and move from ‘I can’t….’ to ‘I can!’.

English through Drama includes a selection of mini-scripts ready for use in class.

There are activities for all levels, from elementary to advanced.




- Read interviews with Susan Hillyard - from New Routes October 2016 n. 60
- Read review from EL Gazette - August / September 2016


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