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Chaz Pugliese

 Creating Motivation offers practical strategies teachers can use to ignite their students’ motivation. Motivation is a central component of any learning endeavour, but it can be tricky to distinguish between students who are bored and restless, and students who are demotivated.

Creating Motivation
includes practical, ready-to-use activities in three sections:

1. Group Processes offers activities that help the students to find their place in the group, get acquainted with each other and develop a feeling of belonging. Creating cohesive, trusting groups is a key role for the teacher.

2. Priming involves activities that demand concentration to get students ready for learning. It pays to dedicate the first few minutes of a lesson to eliminating distractions and focusing on the here and now.

3. Surprise and Stimulate uses different approaches and activity types to engage students both affectively and intellectually and challenge them to think.

Creating Motivation introduces a creative pedagogy that embraces teaching as an art form celebrating uncertainty and risk. Creative teachers are rewarded by their students’ enhanced motivation to learn.

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- Smileys (any level)
- Jokes (elementary and above)
- Post Scriptum (upper intermediate and above)


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