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10 Bookish Things To Do in November

July 24, 2018 by cymaster

November feels like the perfect month to spend more time in the company of books (to be honest, which month doesn't?). So why not give yourself and your classes a bookish to-do list for this month? We have compiled a list of easy-to-do activities for little and big ones so that you can bring the world of books closer to your students. Having to do something creative, interactive and fun with a book can inspire us to become more familiar with them and spend more time reading them. Here is our list, try to complete all of the activities by the end of November. And let us know how you got on!

1 Use a leaf as a bookmark

You can also make your own 'leaves', especially with your young readers it is a nice arts & crafts activity. You will need some coloured paper, some scissors, coloured pencils and your imagination. Use real leaves as samples. Don't forget to tell older readers that we can use the noun leaf to mean a sheet of paper, and the verb to leaf, to mean quickly browse through the pages of a book.

2 Read a book set in autumn or spring

We would either like to relive the special atmosphere of the current season on the pages of a book. If it's autumn, we either love the smell of leaves and smoke in the air, and we are looking forward to Christmas, or maybe we are in spring, knowing that warm days are coming.

3 Read a page from your favourite story to your friend

Ask your students to read to each other during a D.E.A.R. session. They can pick their favourite scene and read it aloud to a friend. Then they have to retell the story to each other.

4 Read a page from your favourite story to your teacher

Tell your students that they have to pick a page from their favourite story, and read it to you at the beginning or at the end of a lesson. Give them five minutes to do this activity during each class so that they can prepare ahead.

5 Watch a film adaptation of a classic

Check out our film tie-ins list, and share it with your students. Ask them to pick a film and compare it with the original story.

6 Read a book set on a different continent

Travelling and reading are very similar experiences. You can explore unknown lands, and you can meet new people. Check out our blog posts about travel and find inspiration on our maps.

7 Dress up like your favourite literary character

Have you ever wanted to dress up like a pirate, a queen, Tinker Bell or Peter Pan? Maybe you would like to try on a dress inspired by Anne Shirley or a coat and a hat in Sherlock Holmes-style? Organise a fancy dress party in your classroom or in your Book Club.

8 Build a book tower with your friends

Did you use to build book castles using books and blankets or book towers when you were little? Challenge your students to build a book tower but tell them they can only use books that they have actually read. Take pictures of the towers.

9 Make a photo collage of your favourite book

Ask your students to take photos of their favourite book: the cover, their favourite illustrations and passages. They can create a photo collage using these photos (check out these tools: Picasa, PicMonkey, BeFunky and many other mobile apps and web-based collage makers).

10 Find out about your parents' favourite children's books

This can become a nice assignment that involves the family in your reading project. Your students have to prepare a short description of their parents' favourite children's books. Of course they can ask any member of the family. Tell them to read the story together and then share their experiences. We don't always like the same stories as our parents did, but sometimes we grow up with them and carry them with ourselves for a lifetime.

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