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Submitted by Dania del Carmen (not verified) on Fri, 02/05/2021 - 16:23
Creating a book club
Promoting Learning out of the classroom has been my research topic, I see it as a way of extending and consolidating what our students learn in class and life long learning. It may and it is for some people their way to keep learning since they have finished a course or simple can't go to school. Especially, a book club is another space for making connections which, I agree with you, we seem to lack and that is why need these days. So I thank you for your ideas, for us Cubans it is difficult to read books in English, that is having access to books as such, but there are readers and other materials that can be useful as well and may help to develop reading motivation and comprehesion skills, so necessary, as you well say, for learning other subjects, among many other benefits, so thank you again for your ideas. We can't apply them the way you have conceived them but we can adapt them.
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