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3 Transformation Stories and 3 Activities for Young Learners

February 18, 2016 by Nóra Wünsch-Nagy

In our previous Readers Blog post we looked at transformation stories and activities for teenage and adult learners. Younger children too are equally fascinated by change and mutation so here are three stories with transformations which your young learners will enjoy reading.

Illustration from Freddy the Frog Prince by Maria Cleary. Illustration by Agilulfo Russo. © Helbling Languages

Book recommendations

Freddy the Frog Prince by Maria Cleary, illustrated by Agilulfo Russo

Freddy the frog is very happy. He likes his life and the pond and he likes Francesca, the prettiest frog in the woods. One Friday evening Freddy is waiting for Francesca when he hears a strange sound. It’s Princess Priscilla and she is not very happy. But then Princess Priscilla has an idea and Freddy’s life changes forever… or does it?

Beauty and the Beast retold by Richard Northcott, illustrated by Catty Flores

When Beauty’s father picks a rose for his daughter he makes the owner of the rosebush, a terrible beast, very angry. In payment for the rose Beauty must leave her family and go to live in the beast’s castle. In time Beauty and the beast become friends. Then one day Beauty’s father falls ill and she returns home to look after him. Does she return to the beast?

Lusmore and the Fairies retold by Richard Northcott, illustrated by Michele Rocchetti

Lusmore lives in a small village in Ireland. He has a big hump on his back and people laugh at him and say bad things. Lusmore is sad. One evening Lusmore is coming home from the market when he hears the fairies singing. What happens when Lusmore joins them? And how do the fairies change Lusmore’s life forever?


1 What animal would you like to be?

It is an easy game to play, you can play it as a musical statues or 'Simon says' game. As your students are walking around or just sitting in the classroom, stop the music (if you're playing musical statues), or say (if it's a Simon says game) and ask them to change into a certain animal. They can be frogs, rabbits, lions, any animal you can imagine. Then you can do the same thing with plants or inanimate objects.

2 Perform Beauty and the Beast as a play

Download this Drama Project based on the Beauty and the Beast reader, download the instructions and the mask (the Beast mask to print and cut out).

Here are the links to the project sheets:

3 A magic spell

In the photocopiable resource book, Teaching Young Learners to Think by Herbert Puchta and Marion Williams, you will find several creative and engaging activities. Go to page 69, and play a sequencing game. What magic spell do your students create? How will it change them or the others?

Download free sample pages here:

What other transformation stories do your young learners like? Share them with us!