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Nora Nagy

I’m an English Language and Literature teacher and I also edit and write activities for readers. I'm also a PhD student in Applied Linguistics/TESOL, and my research area is social semiotic multimodality and language/literacy education, with a special focus on visual narratives in literacy and thinking development.

I believe that telling and reading stories shapes our personalities in the most magical way. Reading is a powerful educational tool: students can explore the world, master languages in all kinds of magical situations and have fun at the same time. Good readers make excellent speakers and writers. I always read a variety of books at the same time, and I love fiction and poetry just as much as I love reading about the visual arts. I believe in slow reading because this way I can enjoy my favourite books even more.

Beat bullying with books

November 15, 2020 by Nora Nagy

Bullying is always a central issue in discussions about school, safety and emotional health. Healthier schools and environments can be distinguished from the ones where bullying becomes a re

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