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Choosing the right reader

June 07, 2013 by Nora Nagy

An enjoyable and successful reading experience starts with choosing the right book. Of course we all judge a book by its cover and then read the blurb to decide if we are really interested in the story. Some people read the first sentence or paragraph to get a general feeling of the book. What else can you do to offer a selection of books to your students when you have a lot of books to choose from?

Try our short Reading Personality Quiz and Reading Habits Quiz. You can do them as an introduction to the first Book Club session, but they also work very well during a classroom reading lesson, too. Most students love taking quizzes, and they all like talking about themselves. Some of your students might be shy to talk in front of their classmates or other book club members, so the quizzes offer a friendly way to help them discover what they like and describe their routine.

Download both worksheets from the links above and see the answers to the Reading Personality Quiz here. Both quizzes will help students learn about their habits, and you will see what they are really interested in. Let them use the questions and the cues in the quiz to talk about themselves.

The Reading Habits Quiz can be also be done as a pair work discussion activity or in small groups. That way you can encourage them to remember their friends' tastes and suggest books for them.

The Reading Personality Quiz works well if it is done alone as some students might feel uncomfortable talking about themselves in front of others. Let them do the quiz, but then ask them to talk about the results saying if they agree with them or not.

The next step is choosing the right reading level and length. A short story or a graphic story can be an excellent start for readers without too much experience. Maybe you can have a reading challenge and ask your group to read a graphic story, a short story and a longer classic or original story.

Have fun with the quizzes!

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