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Let’s get back to school ... and start a Book Club

August 29, 2013 by Nora Nagy
Illustration from The Anti-bully Squad by Rick Sampedro. © Helbling Languages

The school year is just about to start again and for some of you it may have already started. Is this a time of the year when you feel excited and nervous at the same time? Don't worry, it is the same for all of us. We are also full of new ideas we would like to try out, we make our new school year resolutions, and we would like to find a good yet manageable routine all at once.

If we are perfectly honest, many of us will admit that an important question for a lot of teachers is how to stay motivated after the first weeks of the term. Who can I rely on for support, new ideas and motivation? We hope this blog will be the colleague and friend you can rely on throughout the year. We will bring you new updates on publications and events regarding reading education, help you with lesson plans and advice so that you can motivate your students, and entertain you with special lesson plans. The Book Club section also functions as an all-year-round guide for setting up and maintaining your own Book Club.

One crucial element of language education is reading education. Our relationship with reading has never been more complex, an infinite number of possibilities and materials is available. We know that reading development is the key to almost every aspect of language education, and we know that our students do read - we just have to understand what, where and how they read, then find the best way to build on that to improve their reading skills and habits.

One of the most inspiring things you can do at the beginning of the school year is setting up a Book Club. Read our guide to setting up a Book Club, and explore our Book Club starter kit where you can download club management documents, role cards, worksheets, level tests and book selection exercises. Our blog will keep your Book Club well-resourced throughout the year so do come back every week for new ideas. We also pay equal amount of attention to classroom reading education and will provide you with research updates, worksheets and ideas for your classroom lessons too.

I like to remind myself that the best source of motivation and ideas come from my students, but to inspire them, I need fresh ideas and exciting materials.

Here you can read about Book Clubs and download materials for free:

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