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Hooray! Let's Play!

The best start for very young learners

An award-winning course to maximise your English lessons with very young learners.

  • 3-level course for 3-to-5 year-olds
  • A unique multi-sensory approach
  • Develops core thinking skills
  • Promotes essential social skills
  • Lots of fun, highly stimulating activities
  • A world-renowned author team

More About

The Hooray! Let’s play! multi-sensory approach develops young children’s core skills and promotes learning through play.

Children are encouraged to use all their senses to understand and reproduce new language, aiding learning and retention. At the same time, a wide range of activities that help the learning process - motivating games, stories, action stories and songs - stimulate interest and ensure enjoyment. The use of music, movement and rhymes helps to develop memory in a fun way.

The course focuses on building intelligence with the inclusion of a number of activities designed to develop key cognitive skills, such as focussing attention, recognising similarities and differences and identifying and continuing sequences.

Hooray! Let’s Play! develops children’s social, emotional and spatial skills by encouraging them to work together, play, resolve problems and reproduce actions and key language. Children are also encouraged to see language as a means of communication, and basic listening and speaking skills are developed slowly and accurately right from the beginning of the course.

Materials that develop and encourage an open and inclusive attitude to other people and cultures and to underline and encourage key social values such as the value of friendship and caring for animals.

Care is taken to ensure that children experience the act of language learning as a positive one right from the beginning and are enthusiastic and motivated by the activities they are required to do. Peter, Rosie, Connie and Tom quickly befriend children and create a positive, warm learning environment.

Hooray! Let’s Play! is fun and easy to teach allowing children to learn in a natural and memorable way. Teachers are provided with teaching notes, videos, games and activities for original and up-to-date lessons in the kindergarten classroom.


British English and American English editions available.

Student’s Book
  • 6 main units, each with pull-out worksheets including:
    • chant
    • TPR (Total Physical Response) action story
    • Song
    • listening comprehension
    • story/story song
    • thinking skill
  • Stickers
  • Songs & Chants Audio CD
Activities & Projects (A and B levels)
  • 6 units
  • Language and vocabulary reinforcement
  • CLIL-based projects
  • Stickers
Science & Maths Activity Book (A and B levels)
  • 6 main units
  • Introduction to numbers, spaces and spatial relations
  • Logical thinking development
  • Stickers
Fine Motor Skills and Phonological Awareness Activity Books (A and B levels)
  • 6 units
  • Introduction to lines, letters and sounds
  • Natural promotion of the reading skill

British English and American English editions available.

Teacher’s Book
  • Teacher’s notes
  • Lyrics
  • Audioscripts
  • Games
  • Class Audio CDs with songs, chants, stories, action stories (TPR) and listening exercises
  • DVD-ROM containing editable letters to parents, Worksheets for Extra Lessons and Teacher Training Video with practical tips on how to teach TPR, songs and stories
Card sets
  • Story cards for listening to and retelling the stories
  • Flashcards to introduce and practise key vocabulary and to play games
Peter the Panda hand puppet
Interactive Book for Whiteboards DVD-ROM
Cartoon DVD (A and B levels)
Activities & Projects Guide with Class Audio CD (A and B levels)
Fine Motor Skills & Phonological Awareness and Science & Math Teacher’s Guide (A and B levels)

For Science & Math Activity Book and Fine Motor Skills & Phonological Awareness Activity Book (A and B levels):

  • Flashcards
  • Photocopiable Worksheets
  • Scope & Sequence

Guided Tour of the Course

Browse our brochure to find out more about the course, all its features, and get step-by-step suggestions on how to teach very young learners and tips on how to use the Activity Books.

IWB and Videos

Engage and motivate young learners with easy-to-use digital resources which integrate all the course material and provide practical teaching tips.


The Interactive Book for Whiteboards integrates all materials from the course within one easy-to-use DVD-ROM, allowing teachers to access resources quickly and easily. Lessons can be projected onto a whiteboard where the class can work together to carry out the activities.


The Teacher Training Video demonstrates a variety of ways of teaching English to very young learners. It shows author, Herbert Puchta, working with groups of very young learners in different schools. Additional short excerpts explain how to use the TPR (Total Physical Response) action stories and songs through miming and acting.


Fully animated cartoon stories engage and motivate children. Story cards, Audio CDs and Worksheets support and build on the cartoons to create a powerful learning experience. (A and B levels)


Herbert Puchta

Dr. Herbert Puchta is a full time writer and teacher trainer. He has been a plenary speaker at numerous international conferences, and has conducted workshops and given seminars in more than 30 countries. For almost three decades, he has carried out research into the practical application of findings from cognitive psychology to the teaching of English as a foreign language.

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Günter Gerngross

Günter Gerngross was a much-loved teacher trainer and author of course books for Primary and Secondary Schools as well as resource books and graded readers.
He was fascinated by the dynamics of teaching and learning, and focussed on the practical application of cognitive psychology to the real world of the EFL classroom.

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