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  • Motivating themes get students thinking and talking.
  • Key grammar pages have an emphasis on encouraging accuracy moving forward to fluency.
  • Regular exam practice and tips for the most recent international exams.
  • Real communication deals with key functional / interactional / situational areas.
  • Real talk boxes focus on up-to-date teenage interaction.
  • Word expander boxes emphasise the development of word power.
  • The integrated full-colour Workbook includes grammar reference, extensive language practice and study skills.



The innovative Skills Book, with skills pages for each group of two units, allows students to focus attention on single skills, one at a time, taking time to really improve their performance. Each page develops a sub-skill, for example how to listen or read for specific information, how to maintain a conversation or how to write messages. Guided activities, including helpful tips and useful language, support students as they focus on each skill and prepare them for international exams. 

on Helbling e-zone:

  • e-book+ with integrated audio (in both British and American English) and video, plus embedded extra activities:
    • Fast finishers
    • Real talk    
    • Real communication
    • Pronunciation
  • Cyber Homework
  • CLIL Projects
  • Extra Practice
  • Exam Practice

Helbling Media App: 

  • Audio in both British and American English
  • Video



is the new course to equip your teenager and young adult students for the 21st century, giving them language skills and soft skills for life.


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