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Student-friendly material divided into 3 modules contains a carefully structured flow of activities:

  • grammar presentations with heads-up grammar work;
  • engaging communication and skills lessons;
  • innovative accuracy and fluency section;
  • fun Pinboard.

Plus Culture Dossier and Grammar Reference section.
Further practice on the integrated Workbook provides plenty of grammar and vocabulary work, and exam training (reading and writing practice).

PLUS, on e-zone:

  • Cloud Book
    The interactive version of your Student’s Book and Workbook with all audio in both British and American English, video stories and wordlists.
  • Student Practice
    Interactive activities for either individual student access or class use. These include:
    • Communication & Exam Listening 
    • Pronunciation
  • Cyber Homework & Video Activities
    Interactive activities assigned by teachers to individual students or groups. Students’ feedback is automatically given after the deadline.
  • CLIL Projects
    CLIL and Culture based projects.

is a 4-level course book by successful author team Martyn Hobbs and Julia Starr Keddle for today’s digitally native and globally aware students.


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