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Teaching Chunks of Language is a motivating resource book based on the fundamental assumptions of the so-called lexical (or chunk teaching) approach. Language as used by native speakers consists substantially of memorized multi-word chunks (e.g. by the way). For learners of a foreign language, knowledge of chunks is strongly associated with important aspects of proficiency such as oral fluency and naturalness of expression.
The challenging question for foreign learners therefore is this: How can many chunks be committed to active, long-term memory?

Teaching Chunks of Language suggests a communicative approach to the teaching of chunks of language. Most of the activities presented are decidedly communicative and involve a lot of speaking and listening as well as intensive reading and some writing.

Teaching Chunks of Language is organised in 4 chapters:

  • RE-usable activities
  • Activity sequences
  • RE-usable review & learning quiz activities
  • Testing techniques
The Resourceful Teacher Series

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The Resourceful Teacher Series

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