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(Re)visit London

December 03, 2019 by s.nagele

The summer break is coming to an end and you and your students will soon be returning home after the holidays. Some of your students will have visited London and will be filled with memories. You can use their enthusiasm for the city to motivate the rest of the class. Everyone can more easily relate to a book and feel inspired to read it if someone they know has actually been to the city that the story is set in.

London project

Ask the students who have visited London (either this summer or earlier) to prepare a short presentation with some pictures about the city with some comments and memories. You can then recommend some readers to them which are set in London. Asking them to prepare a presentation after having read a book is even more entertaining. They can present their memories and photos and add some quotes from the story they have read.

Here are some titles you can recommend to your students. Get them to talk about the pictures in the story. Have they been in any of the places mentioned?