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Hooray! Let's play! A

The best start for very young learners

A comprehensive course for teaching English to 4-year-old children in kindergarten. Its main aim is to teach learning through play.

  • Use as a continuation of the Starter level or as an introduction to English
  • Expand learning with activity worksheets and CLIL-based projects
  • Introduce science and maths and develop motor skills and phonological awareness


British English and American English editions available.

Student’s Book
  • 6 main units, each with pull-out worksheets including:
    • chant
    • TPR (Total Physical Response) action story
    • Song
    • listening comprehension
    • story/story song
    • thinking skill
  • Final section focusing on festivals
  • Picture Dictionary
  • Stickers
  • Songs & Chants Audio CD
Activities & Projects
  • 6 units
  • Scientific, citizenship, sensory, health/hygiene skills development
  • Language and vocabulary reinforcement
  • CLIL-based projects
  • Stickers
Science & Maths Activity Book
  • 6 main units
  • Introduction to numbers, spaces and spatial relations
  • Logical thinking development
  • Stickers
Fine Motor Skills and Phonological Awareness Activity Books
  • 6 units
  • Introduction to lines, letters and sounds
  • Natural promotion of the reading skill

British English and American English editions available.

Teacher’s Book
  • Teacher’s notes
  • Lyrics
  • Audioscripts
  • Games
  • Class Audio CDs with songs, chants, stories, action stories (TPR) and listening exercises
  • DVD-ROM containing editable letters to parents, Worksheets for Extra Lessons and Teacher Training Video with practical tips on how to teach TPR, songs and stories
  • Also available in Spanish (Libro del Profesor)
Card sets
  • Story cards for listening to and retelling the stories
  • Flashcards to introduce and practise key vocabulary and to play games
Peter the Panda hand puppet
Interactive Book for Whiteboards DVD-ROM
Cartoon DVD 
Activities & Projects Guide with Class Audio CD
Fine Motor Skills & Phonological Awareness and Science & Math Teacher’s Guide

For Science & Math Activity Book and Fine Motor Skills & Phonological Awareness Activity Book:

  • Flashcards
  • Photocopiable Worksheets
  • Scope & Sequence


Herbert Puchta

Il Dr. Herbert Puchta è autore full-time di libri di testo e teacher trainer. Ha svolto il ruolo di plenary speaker in numerose conferenze internazionali, tenendo workshops e seminari in oltre 30 paesi. Da circa 30 anni svolge ricerca sulle applicazioni pratiche della psicologia cognitiva all’insegnamento dell’inglese come lingua straniera.

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Günter Gerngross

Günter Gerngross è stato un apprezzato teacher trainer e autore di libri di testo per la scuola primaria e secondaria, metodologie e letture graduate. Il suo interesse primario risiedeva nelle dinamiche dell’insegnamento e dell’apprendimento, nonché nelle applicazioni della psicologia cognitiva al mondo reale delle classi ELT.

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