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Studio is the exciting new six-level course for adult learners from A1 to C1 (Beginner to Advanced), with an innovative lesson-based approach to topics. The Studio ‘space’ allows students to be creative and provides teachers with clear, easy-to-teach lessons. Three main lessons (two at Beginner) cover vocabulary, grammar and skills work. Video-based functional lessons (101 Things to do in English) and comprehensive Review lessons complete a course that gives students scope to be creative with language. 
With each lesson linked to a different topic channel, Studio heightens student motivation and interest.

  • Topic variety with the 12 Studio channels.
  • Pairwork Activities also available on the Helbling Media App.
  • 101 Things to do in English videos.
  • Videoscapes: place your students in the scene.
  • Video: video- and audio-based lessons in each unit.
  • Vocabulary Beats: downloadable audio tracks with words and phrases set to music.
  • Language studio: a complete reference for Writing, Vocabulary and Grammar.
  • e-book+ with extra interactive Reading and Listening activities.
  • Helbling Media App for Teachers
  • Studio Workbook

Key Features

A fresh approach to lesson topics using 12 channels, a special focus on communication with an emphasis on pairwork tasks, innovative audio and video material to engage students, and mobile digital resources to enhance the learning experience.

Download and print out the promo leaflet for an exhaustive overview of the course.

STUDIO Leaflet

To provide students with a greater variety of topics than other course books, each lesson in STUDIO is linked to a different theme or channel. The 12 STUDIO channels include Arts & Entertainment, Business, Education, Sports, Science & Technology, and Travel.

Video-based functional lessons in each unit (101 things to do in English) develop students’ communication skills while the Studio Mix, Life Stories and Studio Views lessons give students regular opportunities to watch as well as listen to people speaking. 

Frequent opportunities for spoken interaction help students become confident speakers. STUDIO has a special emphasis on pairwork, with communicative tasks designed to develop accuracy and fluency, bringing the language to life.

Downloadable Vocabulary Beats in the Workbook allow students to repeat words that build into phrases set to a music track – a memorable and fun way to practise new vocabulary in the classroom, at home, or on the move.

The Helbling Media App includes all the pairwork activities in a unique mobile format. The App also has all the video and audio material, as well as the Vocabulary Beats. The Quick Notes and Answer Keys allow teachers to present classes from the App.

The Language Studio at the back of each book provides a visual vocabulary reference, extra writing tasks linked to material in the course, and a complete grammar reference.


For students
  • Student’s Book
  • Workbook
On Helbling e-zone
  • e-book+ with integrated audio and video plus extra interactive Reading and Listening activities
  • Cyber Homework
  • Projects
  • Exam Practice
Plus Helbling Media App
For teachers
  • Teacher’s Book
On Helbling e-zone
  • Teacher’s DIGI Pack including IWB
    • Teacher’s e-book+ for Interactive Whiteboards
    • Teacher’s Book with audio
    • Videoscapes
    • Testbuilder with audio
  • Placement Test
Plus Helbling Media App

Helbling e-zone

Technology made easy

Helbling e-zone is the Learning Management System (LMS) developed by Helbling. It consists of a user-friendly online platform for both teachers and students.


  • Cyber Homework: Interactive, self-correcting activities assigned by teachers to individual students or groups. Students’ feedback is automatically given after the deadline.
  • Projects: Open-ended tasks to be assigned by the teacher to individual students or groups. Students can include resources such as texts, documents or images, to be shared with the teacher and their class.
  • Exam Practice: Plenty of practice to ensure exam success at any level. Resources and interactive activities for either individual student access or class use.


A state-of-the-art interactive Student’s Book & Workbook with integrated audio and video plus extra activities:

  • Pairwork activities (also on the App)
  • Vocabulary Beats
  • Extra interactive Reading and Listening activities

IWB and Teacher’s DIGI Pack

An interactive version of the student’s material for presentation on an interactive whiteboard.


Full audio and video content on the go.

Get the STUDIO Pre-intermediate DEMOs!

  1. Download the free Helbling Media App to your smartphone of tablet from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app and add the media content by tapping on the + sign. 
  3. Enter the Demo access codes under MANUAL ENTRY:
    Student's Book: WEN4-L38C-PE84-2Y2F
    Teacher's Book: WEN4-NY97-Z25L-CGYU

Introducing STUDIO

Download and print out the promo leaflet for an exhaustive overview of the course.

Watch the authors as they present the amazing features of the course.


An overview of Studio: Space to learn

The innovative course for adult leaners

101 things to do in English

Teaching the skills

Developing vocabulary & grammar

Monitoring progress and assessing learning

Interview with the STUDIO authors

101 Useful Phrases video

Studio Mix

for Beginner and Elementary.

In these video/audio lessons, a group of people talk about their lives and interests or complete tasks, providing a model for tasks the students complete themselves.

Life Stories

for Pre-intermediate and Intermediate. 

In each video/audio lesson, an individual talks about a personal event or experience. Watching and listening to these stories helps bring them to life, making them more meaningful and easier to understand.

Studio Views

for Upper-intermediate and Advanced.

These are longer video/audio recordings in which two or more people discuss different topics and issues in an interview situation, helping students get used to the challenges of natural delivery and multiple speakers.


Lindsay Clandfield

Lindsay Clandfield è un insegnante, formatore e autore pluripremiato. È uno dei principali autori del nuovo corso STUDIO per adulti di Helbling. Lindsay svolge frequentemente il ruolo di relatore in conferenze internazionali e ha partecipato a numerosi progetti creativi online, dal blog al podcast.

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Robert Campbell

Robert ha lavorato come insegnante, editore di una rivista ELT, autore e musicista. Ha scritto corsi per studenti teenagers e adulti, oltre a numerosi lettori tra cui The Green Room, vincitore di un Learner Literature Award. È un relatore regolare in conferenze internazionali. Ha un interesse speciale per la musica e i video.

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Rob Metcalf

Rob ha una esperienza didattica di oltre 20 anni sia in UK che in Spagna. Durante questo periodo ha avuto modo di insegnare a studenti di tutte le età, sia di persona che online.
È inoltre autore di vari corsi ELT.

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Philip Kerr

Philip Kerr è un formatore, relatore e autore di materiale didattico. Le sue pubblicazioni includono libri di metodologia per insegnanti e corsi per adulti e giovani adulti. Ha vinto il premio English Speaking Union Duke of Edinburgh e il British Council Award per ELT Writing. È stato anche nominato due volte per l'ELTon Innovation Award del British Council.

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Rebecca Robb Benne

Rebecca Robb Benne lavora nel campo dell'ELT da trent'anni come insegnante, editor e autrice. Ha insegnato nel Regno Unito e in Germania, oltre che in Danimarca, dove ora vive. Rebecca ha scritto diversi libri di testo per adolescenti e adulti, nonché moduli online su argomenti contemporanei, ed è stata nominata per un ELTon Innovation Award del British Council.

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