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Skills for life

Based on the successful For Real series, For Real Plus is the new course for young adults and teens.

  • Four levels take students from Beginner to Intermediate.
  • Fully revised and updated with brand-new content.
  • Integrated Student’s Book and Workbook Pack in full colour.
  • New in-depth Skills Book developing essential skills for life.
  • Classroom-friendly Starter Books to bring students up to speed.
  • Full range of online digital resources available from e-zone.
  • Audio available in both British and American English.

Key Features

For Real Plus is the course to equip your students for life in the 21st century.

For Real Plus presents up-to-date topics and issues that interest young people, and stories that truly reflect their world and aspirations. Opening pages prime students for learning with engaging questionnaires and vocabulary development related to the theme of each unit.

Students explore who they are and how they think, discover new things, learn about extraordinary people and places and meet real young people. This stimulates students’ imaginations, gets them talking, learning new things and thinking about familiar things in new ways.

Each unit provides integrated skills work which activates students’ language knowledge and language competence. Skills-based activities get students reading, listening, speaking and writing. Language is graded and recycled, so students re-use language, improve their skills and learn new things, too.

Authentic communication lessons get students speaking using natural, everyday language. Easy to follow, realistic communicative contexts and situations, with high frequency phrases and expressions, lead to students’ own role plays and productive use of language.

Vocabulary is developed through the teaching of contextualised lexical sets, the presentation of key words, verbs and word-building in the Word expander boxes, the exploration of new words in texts and the development of vocabulary learning skills, plus extra fun practice online.

Brand-new Vox Pop interviews bring together an expressive and diverse group of young people from all over the English-speaking world to answer our questions. Activities focus on spoken language and the opportunity for students to film their own interviews.


Student’s Pack
  • Student’s Book & Workbook
  • Skills Books
  • Starter Book*

*Starter Book available for Elementary and Pre-Intermediate

On Helbling e-zone
  • e-book+ with integrated audio and video plus Real Communication, Real Talk, Fast Finishers
  • Extra Practice
  • Cyber Homework
  • CLIL Projects
  • Exam Practice
Plus Helbling Media App
Teacher’s Guide

Full teaching notes, answer keys and more.

On Helbling e-zone
  • IWB and Teacher’s DIGI Pack
    • Teacher’s e-book+ for Interactive Whiteboards
    • Teacher’s Book with audio
    • Testbuilder with audio
  • Placement Test
Plus Helbling Media App

Skills Book

The Skills Books focus attention on essential skills to improve students’ performance. Guided activities develop a range of different sub-skills: from understanding general meaning and listening or reading for detail, to maintaining a conversation or writing messages.

10 Top Tips for Success

Top tips present core strategies for success in language learning and international exams. These tips help students develop fundamental skills both in class and outside the classroom and encourage them to make these 21st century competencies part of their routine.

Four Skills

Reading and listening skills lessons teach learners to process input and extract meaning, enabling them to ‘get the message’. Speaking and writing skills lessons ensure students can produce language themselves and communicate with appropriate language, register and fluency.

Three extra skills

Three more essential groups of skills: viewing skills, word skills and CLIL skills, along with a graded story to enjoy, complete the set.

Helbling e-zone

Technology made easy

Helbling e-zone is the Learning Management System (LMS) developed by Helbling. It consists of a user-friendly online platform for both teachers and students.


  • Cyber Homework: Interactive, self-correcting activities assigned by teachers to individual students or groups. Students’ feedback is automatically given after the deadline.
  • CLIL Projects: Open-ended tasks to be assigned by the teacher to individual students or groups. Students can include resources such as texts, documents or images, to be shared with the teacher and their class.
  • Exam Practice: Plenty of practice to ensure exam success at any level. Resources and interactive activities for either individual student access or class use.


A state-of-the-art interactive Student’s Book & Workbook with embedded audio and video plus extra activities:

  • Real Communication
  • Real Talk
  • Fast Finishers
  • Pronunciation at Intermediate level

IWB and Teacher’s DIGI Pack

An interactive version of the student’s material for presentation on an interactive whiteboard.


Full audio and video content on the go.

Get the FOR REAL PLUS Elementary DEMO!

  1. Download the free Helbling Media App to your smartphone of tablet from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app and add the media content by tapping on the + sign. 
  3. Enter the Demo access code under ENTER CODE: WEN4-BALA-ZKCT-XXAA


Introducing FOR REAL PLUS

Find out about all the amazing features of this new 4-level course for young adults and teens by Martyn Hoobs and Julia Starr Keddle.


Martyn Hobbs

Martyn Hobbs taught English for many years abroad and in the UK, and is a prize-winning playwright and screenplay writer. He co-writes course books with Julia Starr Keddle, and has written and developed numerous video projects. He loves writing stories, especially graded readers for learners. He uses his creativity and film-making experience to make his materials involving and fun.

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Julia Starr Keddle

Julia Starr Keddle taught English abroad and in the UK for many years. She has written many successful course books with Martyn Hobbs and other materials for young people. Julia is particularly interested in accuracy and fluency, teen development, and developing ‘soft skills’. She loves thinking of new ways to present language and making it relevant, exciting and visually appealing.

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