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Be sure with SURE

The result of extensive research and teacher feedback, SURE is a 4-level course book for today’s digitally native and globally aware students.

  • Presents appealing, contemporary themes integrated within a grammar syllabus aligned with the CEFR and Cambridge English and Trinity exams.
  • Guarantees a smooth and systematic start to each level thanks to its unique syllabus which revises all previously learned language through a range of fresh new topics.
  • Audio available in both British and American English.

Key Features

SURE addresses the needs of teachers working with modern teens and young adults.

The SURE syllabus is designed to simultaneously cover the right language at the right level, while also recycling and extending students’ knowledge. Such a ‘spiral’ syllabus reviews pre-existing language and swiftly moves students on to new and challenging learning experiences.

Language is for communicating and SURE puts communication at the heart of learning with presentation videos, communication dramas, documentaries and vox-pops. Communicative competences become easy to learn with entertaining dual-function video and/or audio presentations, and lots of meaningful interactive practice.

In SURE, students actively engage with grammar by focusing on contexts which show grammar in action. Grammar-oriented skills exercises, designed to get them reading, listening, speaking and writing, and using the target structures, then lead them to genuine language acquisition.

SURE takes a balanced approach to accuracy and fluency, ensuring that students learn the language they need, and that they can use this language to communicate in real time. The Focus on sections give students space to develop both areas.

Lively vocabulary work means that students enjoy learning the words they need. In SURE, vocabulary exploration ranges from a focus on lexical sets, key words and chunks, to common spoken expressions in Small Talk and authentic, unscripted speech in videos.

SURE offers a complete range of digital resources for students and teachers. Materials are easy to use, accessible and intuitive, which means you can easily make digital part of your classroom and homework routine and truly support the learning process.


Student’s Book
  • 6 Modules
  • 12 units
  • SURE Start
  • A and B Lessons
  • Grammar Hub
  • Communication
  • Skills Development
  • Focus on Accuracy & Fluency
  • Check your Progress
  • 6 Modules
  • 12 units
  • Vocabulary Practice
  • Grammar Consolidation
  • Additional Reading Texts
  • Writing Tasks and Extension
On Helbling e-zone
  • Cloud Book
  • E-Readers
  • Student Practice
  • Cyber Homework
  • Video Activities
  • CLIL Projects
Teacher’s Book

Teacher’s Books are packed with fresh, practical ideas and activities that really provide support and guidance for every lesson. They also include a DVD with videos consisting of presentation and communication dramas, documentaries and vox pops.


The Testbuilder is available as both a CD-ROM (included with the Teacher’s Book) and a downloadable and installable file available on Helbling e-zone. It includes specially developed Basic, Progress Plus and Exams Tests providing support for teachers to effectively evaluate student progress. It enables teachers to tailor tests prior to printing. Tests are also available in a ready-to-print format.

Video DVD

All the SURE video content, also available in American English.

Three Class Audio CDs

All the SURE audio content, also available in American English.

On Helbling e-zone
  • Interactive Book for Whiteboards including Teacher Cloud Book
  • Testbuilder + Test audio
  • Teacher’s Book + Class audio
  • Reference material including Scope & Sequence, Trinity GESE & ISE maps, Grammar reference, Wordlist
  • Photocopiables including Entry test, Video lessons worksheets, E-Readers worksheets, Grammar help, Speaking skills for exams, Word banks, Answer Keys
  • SURE & FOR REAL Placement Test

Helbling e-zone

Technology made easy

Helbling e-zone is the Learning Management System (LMS) developed by Helbling. It consists of a user-friendly online platform for both teachers and students.

  • Cyber Homework & Video Activities: Interactive, self-correcting activities assigned by teachers to individual students or groups. Students’ feedback is automatically given after the deadline.
  • CLIL Projects: Open-ended tasks to be assigned by the teacher to individual students or groups. Students can include resources such as texts, documents or images, to be shared with the teacher and their class.
  • Student Practice: Plenty of practice to ensure exam success at any level. Resources and interactive activities for either individual student access or class use. Includes Communication & Exam Listening, Mini Pronunciation Course, E-Readers activities.

An interactive version of the Student’s Book & Workbook, including all audio and video content. Students can complete the activities, check their results and add their own notes.


Beautifully illustrated stories with audio recording, online activities and class worksheets.

IWB and Teacher’s DIGI Pack

An interactive version of the student’s material for presentation on an interactive whiteboard.


Videos play a vital role in SURE both as a vehicle for natural sounding language, and as support for students’ comprehension of the Communication scenarios. Students respond positively to stories, characters and humour which boosts their confidence and encourages participation.


These videos introduce British and American friends in the UK and the USA and tell their stories. As students watch the episodes, they see and hear new language in action as in a film, which is highly motivating and helps acquisition.

Beginner, Elementary and Pre-Intermediate


A series of short documentary films, which offer a window on English-speaking culture and cover a wide range of different topics and themes.

Elementary and Pre-Intermediate


Interviews with young adults which reflect SURE grammar and topics, showcase a range of speaking styles, and give students exposure to natural unscripted English.

Beginner, Elementary and Pre-Intermediate


Imaginative readings of literary texts by Jane Austen, DH Lawrence and F Scott Fitzgerald introduce students to key authors and their works.



Lively documentaries feature well-known writers and their works and, by focussing on historical context and cultural background, bring literature to life.



Short films presenting young people’s points of view in spontaneous conversations, give students an opportunity to experience English in real time with real accents.



Martyn Hobbs

Martyn Hobbs taught English for many years abroad and in the UK, and is a prize-winning playwright and screenplay writer. He co-writes course books with Julia Starr Keddle, and has written and developed numerous video projects. He loves writing stories, especially graded readers for learners. He uses his creativity and film-making experience to make his materials involving and fun.

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Julia Starr Keddle

Julia Starr Keddle taught English abroad and in the UK for many years. She has written many successful course books with Martyn Hobbs and other materials for young people. Julia is particularly interested in accuracy and fluency, teen development, and developing ‘soft skills’. She loves thinking of new ways to present language and making it relevant, exciting and visually appealing.

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