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Student-friendly material divided into 6 modules contains a carefully structured flow of activities:

  • grammar presentations with heads-up grammar work;
  • engaging communication and skills lessons;
  • innovative accuracy and fluency section;
  • fun Pinboard.

Plus Culture Dossier and Grammar Reference section.

PLUS, on e-zone:

  • Cloud Book
    The interactive version of your Student’s Book with all audio in both British and American English, video stories and wordlists.
  • E-reader
    Beautifully illustrated original stories with audio recording, online activities and class worksheets.
  • Student Practice
    Interactive activities for either individual student access or class use. These include:
    • Communication & Exam Listening 
    • Pronunciation 
    • E-Readers activities
  • Cyber Homework & Video Activities
    Interactive activities assigned by teachers to individual students or groups. Students’ feedback is automatically given after the deadline.
  • CLIL Projects
    CLIL and Culture based projects.

is a 4-level course book by successful author team Martyn Hobbs and Julia Starr Keddle for today’s digitally native and globally aware students.