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Enjoy a recording of previous Helbling English Webinars here.

The garden myth, exploring creativity and storytelling for the classroom

Gavin Biggs

Recent studies have shown that teachers are under more stress than ever before. Time is limited but reading for pleasure is essential to motivate language learning. Our students have brilliant minds, and in this talk we will look at examples to encourage imagination, critical thinking, creative writing and a joy of reading using a classroom-based readers series.

Thursday 28 January 2021



From reading to performing: Shakespeare's plays in the language class

Nora Nagy

Learning English without studying Shakespeare and his works means missing out on a rich vocabulary resource, cultural heritage and a lot of fun and excitement. Although students and teachers find Shakespeare intriguing, they are often intimidated by the apparent difficulty of the themes and language. In this webinar, we will show you how to engage with the Bard’s language in your classrooms, focusing on three classics: Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Macbeth through text, activities and videos.

Wednesday 24 February 2021



Two by two - Pairwork & STUDIO

Lindsay Clandfield
Lindsay Clandfield

Pairwork has become such a staple feature of English language teaching materials that it’s almost never questioned. And yet it’s consistently an area that can be problematic. This talk takes a fresh look at pairwork. I’ll share tips and tricks for successful pairwork, the best kinds of activities and examine times when it’s probably best to avoid pairwork. I’ll be focusing on pairwork in the face to face (and socially distanced) class, and especially in online classes as well. This talk will feature activities from our new course Studio, including its pairwork App.

Thursday 25 March 2021



Teacher & student wellbeing - Surviving these times as best we can!

Jane Revell

In this webinar we’ll be looking at some fairly simple things we can do to help us cope with the difficult and uncertain times we’ve all had to face over the past year. Using practical examples from the popular series Jetstream, as well as Energising your Classroom, you can use these ideas with your students too, in your (real or virtual) classroom, and help everyone feel a bit more cheerful!

Wednesday 28 April 2021



Where do students get language from and how do they learn it best?

Jeremy Harmer

Once upon a time it was all drills and repetition (or was it ever, really?!); then it was all communication with grammar and drilling abandoned (or was it ever, really?!); now we are either ‘post-method’ or eclectic, apparently. But what really are the best (and varied) ways of drawing students to language and then helping them to memorise that language so that it becomes automatic? That’s a big question and this talk will start to provide the answer.

Thursday 27 May 2021



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